How Often Should A Patient With Hepatitis B and C See A Doctor?

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Hepatitis b and c has two phases. When we say the acute period, that is, the sudden onset period, the disease starts like a flu infection and usually patients do not notice this period.

The vast majority of Hepatitis b and c is like this. Although the name of these microbes is jaundice, very few patients develop jaundice and consult a doctor. Nowadays, it is not cared much because it is referred to as a flu infection.

hepatit b ve cIf the body’s immune system does not completely destroy these microbes within 6 months and does not strengthen the immune system, these microbes will remain in the body permanently and the period of permanence has now passed into the chronic period.

The chronic period is unnoticed for many patients. Usually, when you go to a hospital, during a test, either the liver tests are high, or when you donate blood with a relative, the patients are told that you have hepatitis c and b.

Patients who have gone into a chronic phase, if they need treatment, how often these patients will consult a doctor are indicated by the physician, but for example, patients with hepatitis b, that is, who do not need treatment, must apply to a doctor at least twice a year. It should be checked whether there is a new lesion in the liver with ultrasonography.

Does Hepatitis B And C Disease Increase The Risk Of Liver Cancer?

Hepatitis b and c disease increases the risk of liver cancer, but if treated, this risk is definitely reduced significantly with very effective treatments that currently treat both hepatitis b and hepatitis c.

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