Liver Diseases

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Unfortunately, the group of diseases that mostly refer to alternative medicine today is liver disease. My advice to liver patients is that you already have a disease in your liver.

Does Alternative Medicine Work in Liver Diseases?

If you receive professional support in this regard, you do not need alternative medicine at all, because your existing liver cells are very important.

karaciger hastaliklariThe average time from the discovery of a drug in the laboratory to the shelf in the pharmacy is 5 years.​ After going through a lot of laboratory stages, we can prescribe these drugs to you.

It is not possible for you to predict in advance what harm an alternative medicine your neighbor tells you, under the name of medicine, may cause to your liver. Please do not use.

Does Liver Disease Cause Itch?

Liver disease may also itch. If there is a disease involving the biliary tract or liver cancer, the patient may present with itching.

Is Itching a Sign of Liver Disease?

Itching can be a symptom of liver diseases. As we mentioned in the previous videos, in diseases such as primasiclarosing colonic primarbidia colonic, which concern the biliary tract in the liver, the patient may apply to the physician with itching as the first application.

With which complaint does the patient apply to the doctor?

karaciğer hastalıkları nelerdirIf primasiclarosan colonjit tumors and stones that involve the bile ducts other than the liver are obstructing the biliary tract, the patient may face an itching that bothers him especially at night, which he can consult a dermatologist to see if he has scabies.

Apart from these, in cancers of the head of the pancreas, when pressure on the bile ducts, the patient presents with both jaundice and itching.

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