What Does Endosonography Or Endoultrasound Mean?

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Endosonography or endoultrasound means the same thing. Endosonography is actually a breakthrough in endoscopy technology.

The difference between endosonography and endoscopy is as follows. An ultrasound probe is placed at the end of the endoscope.

What Does an Ultrasound Probe Do?

endosonografiThe presence of this probe is used in the staging of tumors in the digestive tract, naming tumors that are difficult to reach, such as the pancreas, which are adjacent to the digestive system, and performing biopsy. is a method.

Can Endoscopy And Colonoscopy Be Done In The Same Session?

One of the most common questions our patients ask is can I have both a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy in the same session? It definitely can.

It increases the comfort of the patient. During each of the Gastroscopy and colonoscopy procedures, the patient can go home comfortably, having all the procedures done in one session, instead of making separate preparations and coming to sleep separately.

What Should Be Done After Endoscopy?

After endoscopic procedures, if our patients are given drugs to prevent them from hearing the procedure during the relaxing procedure, which we call sedation, there is no harm in going home that day after performing these procedures on an office basis and watching the patient for a few hours, so as not to do any work that requires particular attention.

If the patient has a serious heart and lung problem in advanced stages, it should be done in a hospital setting. However, there is no harm in performing endoscopic procedures in an endoscopy laboratory environment.

In Which Situations Is Endosonography Used?

endosonografi hangi durumlarda kullanilirEndosonography is sometimes applied to get an idea about whether a benign tumor should be followed in the staging of a tumor developing in any part of the digestive tract, such as the stomach or the last part of the esophagus or the last part of the large intestine. Endosonography is used for pain relief in pain control due to pancreatic cancer and pancreatic cancer.

How Often Should Endoscopy And Colonoscopy Be Done?

Gastroscopic and colonoscopic procedures can be performed as often as desired as long as the patient needs it. There is no problem.

How Is Endoscopy Performed?

In sleeping endoscopy, the comfort of the patient is increased with the drugs given through the patient’s vascular access. By putting the patient to sleep, it is ensured that the unpleasant feelings of the procedure are not felt by the patient.

This is comfort for both the patient and the physician. The physician does not have difficulty in making the diagnosis, and the patient goes to the correct diagnosis and the right treatment without burping and burping. I think this is the most comfortable for the patient.

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