What İs A Slimming Gastric Balloon? How İs İt Done?

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Slimming gastric balloon can be used to weaken adults who cannot lose weight despite intense diet and exercise programs.

What is a Slimming Gastric Balloon?

mide balonu ameliyatlarıIn addition to being an aesthetic problem, obesity is mainly a health problem and if left untreated, it causes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure, joint diseases and psychological disorders. Long-term use of drugs used in the treatment of obesity creates problems because of their side effects. Weakening gastric balloon system (balloon placement in the stomach) is an effective method of weight loss that is increasingly preferred in the treatment of obesity.

Thanks to this method, stomach reduction surgeries called bariatric surgery have started to be abandoned in many centers. The method can be easily applied by an experienced gastroenterologist using only an endoscope without requiring any surgical intervention.

This method is particularly suitable for patients in whom surgery is at risk due to obesity and other accompanying diseases. As the gastric balloon, takes up space in the stomach, it gives a feeling of early satiety and satiety, causing the patient to consume less food and thus lose weight.

When adequate weight loss is achieved, usually no longer than 6 months, the balloon is deflated via the endoscope and removed from the stomach. Weight loss after 6 months of follow-up is different for each patient and can range from 15kg to 80kg.

Who is the Slimming Gastric Balloon Suitable for?

Slimming gastric balloon is a method that can be applied temporarily and used for the purpose of weakening adults between the ages of 18-55 who cannot lose weight despite intense diet and exercise programs.

It is generally not recommended to be used for longer than 6 months. It is not recommended for use in pregnant and lactating mothers. Of course, before the application of the treatment, your gastroenterologist and the internal medicine and/or endocrinology and metabolic diseases specialist who run your weight loss program should reach a consensus on the suitability of this treatment for you.

1- Obese people with a body mass index (BMI-Body Mass Index) of 30-40 and therefore at risk of developing serious medical problems.
2- In type 2 diabetes patients who cannot be treated due to excess weight
3- Patients with BMI above 40 or BMI between 35-40 who cannot tolerate debilitating surgery because they have serious medical problems, or patients who do not want surgical intervention despite having these characteristics
4- It is appropriate to use in patients who need surgical treatment for any reason, but cannot be treated due to the surgical risk of obesity and whose body weight needs to be reduced to a level suitable for surgical intervention.
(BMI = Body weight / height2)
For example; In a person with a body weight of 115kg and a height of 1.65m
It is calculated as BMI = 110 / 1.65 x 1.65 = 40.

mide balonu nedir

Who Is Slimming Gastric Balloon Not Suitable For?

Attenuating gastric balloon for aesthetic slimming and BMI < Not recommended for people over 30. In addition, those with inflammatory and ulcerative diseases of the esophagus and stomach, stenosis, large gastric hernia, those who have undergone previous gastric surgery, pregnant and lactating women, those with psychiatric diseases, alcohol abusers, those who have to use drugs that prevent blood clotting, or those who have a blood clotting disorder. Attenuating gastric balloon cannot be applied in patients.

How Is The Slimming Gastric Balloon Applied?

mide bolonu tedavisiWhile the balloon is deflated, it is swallowed by mouth and delivered to the stomach, and then the balloon is inflated with sterile water or air through the catheter attached to the balloon.

After the balloon reaches sufficient volume, the catheter is separated from the balloon and withdrawn by the mechanism on it, and the balloon is left in the stomach.

You will be given sedatives and pain relievers before the procedure so that you do not feel pain during the procedure. Patients who have a balloon placed in their stomach can start eating and continue their daily lives a few hours after the procedure.

Those who have a debilitating gastric balloon are advised to chew food thoroughly, eat slowly, consume sufficient fluids, and stay away from carbohydrate drinks. Food should not be taken between meals, late at night and at least two hours before bedtime should not eat. Drinking water between meals will help clean the food accumulated on the surface of the balloon in the stomach. It is recommended to do regular exercise (at least 15 minutes walking) every day.

When drugs such as stomach irritating aspirin and antirheumatic drugs are used, protective drugs should be taken together. Since insufficient food intake may lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies in some patients, it is appropriate to monitor the patients in this respect and to give vitamin supplements when necessary.

mide balonu ameliyatı

What Are The Side Effects of Slimming Gastric Balloon Application?

Side effects that may occur during balloon application are not different from those that may occur during upper gastrointestinal system endoscopy (Gastroscopy) (See Endoscopy-Gastroscopy). In some patients, reflux complaints in the form of burning and heartburn in the chest may increase after the balloon is placed in the stomach.

In the first days after balloon insertion, the upper abdomen Discomfort and bloating, nausea and rarely vomiting can be seen in the department, and these complaints usually regress within a few weeks. However, when vomiting lasts for a long time, the fluid and electrolyte balance of the body may be disturbed, so the patient should be monitored under the control of a doctor and the balloon should be removed when necessary. Some patients may feel pain when lying on their stomach or on their side.

If the balloon in the stomach is not inflated enough or deflated, the balloon may block the stomach outlet and cause nausea and vomiting. Rarely, the deflated balloon may pass from the stomach to the small intestine and cause intestinal obstruction, and surgical intervention is required for the treatment of this condition. Since the balloon is in motion in the stomach, the probability of gastric ulcer formation due to the pressure of the balloon is negligible.

Since the balloon is inflated with sterile water mixed with methylene blue, in case of urine in blue color, it is understood that the balloon has burst and the balloon is easily removed from the stomach by endoscopy without losing the knowledge. Nowadays, balloons filled with air instead of water are preferred and are better tolerated by the patient.

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